We help you to createvalue with your people


Why develop with people?

Constant change calls for continuous development

HEX: Human experience measurement in surgical accuracy. You can gauge the experience of your customers, partners or staff in real time, at the situation you specify. Understand your customer.

HED: Human experience development for strategic results. Define areas of improvement and ask for ideas. Have other persons peer review these ideas and their realization.

HEM: Human experience management for increased quality. Combining the survey results with background data allows the creation of tasks for persons responsible for grassroots quality. Manage the quality.


Introducing Louhin

Your tools and services for interacting with customers, staff and partners

Our services help you to find ways for development in using the insight of your customers, staff and partners.

Our Louhin platform provides the tools for mobile surveys, automated analysis, reporting, and turning of the data into tasks for your staff.

We work in lean, agile and scalable way. Just think of a problem and call us for its solution. We would enjoy working with you.

Our legacy (yet living) products include:


TrendWiki The tool for collecting and analyzing weak signals and trends.

Text Miner

Text Miner Discover trends and themes in unstructured textual content.


We are data analysis professionals

with a relaxed attitude

Sampsa Laine

Sampsa Laine CEO

Sampsa can turn your thoughts into overdrive. His enthusiasm is catching and makes you forget the convential methods and let ideas fly. Sampsa is always working towards the common goal and helping others achieve their best. Sampsa communicates best by singing and laughing.
Teppo Marin

Teppo Marin CTO

Teppo moulds the dreams and promises of other Rangers into concrete solutions. His clear mind creates organization from chaos. Teppo is the one who considers even those aspects that all others have neglegted. During his free time he applies his analytical mind in music and golf.
Anssi Tervonen

Anssi Tervonen CFO

Anssi, the Rangers' "suit guy", takes good care of customer relations. He's usually running many simultaneous projects but still has the time to discuss the small details. His courage and determination make is possible to overcome obstacles both in and outside the office - his spare time activities include orienteering and skiing.

Our happy customers include:

  • Espoon Järjestöjen Yhteisö EJY ry
  • HSL
  • Kemira
  • Outotec
  • Philips
  • PostFinance
  • Taloustutkimus
  • Tekes
  • Tieto
  • TNS Gallup

Welcome to have a with us!